How You Should Plan A Botswana Safari

Though Botswana encourages tourists to explore, the important fact about this tourist location is that it limits the number of tourist visits. This is mainly to preserve the environment and the rich wildlife which nature has inherited. Because of this policy, Botswana still remains unspoilt by civilization and development.

There are various options for you when you plan a Botswana Safari. The average cost for a Botswana Safari for a period of 10 days costs around $3700 per person. This may seem very expensive compared to other tourist destinations worldwide, however it depends on how you plan to travel and the time you want to visit Botswana.

Usually winter is the best season to enjoy a Botswana Safari. But from a tourist’s point of view this season has some disadvantages, the primary one being the price. Since most of the tourists choose this as a comfortable season for them, the hotels, camps and the flights will be crowded and they charge higher rates. However you will enjoy the beauty of green environment, blossoming flowers and many birds and animals that migrate to Botswana only during this season.

How You Should Plan A Botswana Safari

How You Should Plan A Botswana Safari

Though you have the facility to book hotels and camps directly, there are many travel agents who assist you in making the bookings for hotels and camps. One of the important benefits of booking through travel agents is that you don’t need to book separately for hotels, vehicles, flights and Botswana Safari tour operators. They will do all that for you. Another advantage of resorting to a travel agent is that they are familiar with Botswana Safaris and they have a better knowledge about the price and facilities offered by different lodges and camps. So you can get the best facilities at the most competitive prices.

Nevertheless, it is better if you conduct a research and analysis of the rates and facilities offered by various camps and make the final assessment. Another important aspect you should bear in mind while planning for a Botswana Safari is your health. Botswana is very famous for mosquitoes that spread Malaria. You should consult a doctor before your arrival. Moreover, you must take adequate steps to prevent Malaria. It is a good idea to keep mosquito repellents as a precaution and be conscientious to wear tops and trousers covering your arms and legs fully. The hotels and camps will be surrounded by mosquitoes and you should always close the doors when you are inside a hotel in Botswana during your Safari.

During winter, the temperature of Botswana is more than 36 degree Celsius. In order to protect your skin, you must bring creams or lotions to safeguard it. It is advisable to carry long hats to protect your head and face. Though tap water is available in hotels and camps, you can use bottled water for safety purposes. You can carry binoculars, cameras and films as photography is permissible. However before taking any pictures of the tribal or local people, you need to seek their permission. There are online and live travel assistance providers if you need any help before planning a Botswana Safari.

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