On Location August 08 Tanzania

It is still really significant; what you learn when you travel. For just a few weeks, more or less, you step out of your normal routine and your comfort zone and embark not only on the journey that you have planned, but also a relatively severe learning curve. I recently travelled to Tanzania, a country I know well and have resided in and love. However this time I travelled to areas that neither I nor anyone else in the office had been to. Here are some of the things that I learned.

In this age of a shrinking world, where everything is mapped and forecast, you can still find new things. Situated between Dar Es Salaam and Pangani on the Northern Swahili coast Tanzania’s newest and 13th National Park. Not just a lodge but a whole reserve of 1000 square kilometres which protect the resident game population and a swathe of marine park. In Saadani you find a delightful lodge of the same name, just the place that Robinson would have asked Friday to build, remote and wild complete with a star viewing deck and water hole viewing platform. The game is developing so don’t expect too much unless they have recently burnt the area, nevertheless you have the beach and the river to distract you, as well as the villages and ruins to visit.

On Location August 08 Tanzania

On Location August 08 Tanzania

One of the Local villages is teeming with warthogs! You will see them everywhere you look, they sleep in the houses with the people, safe in the knowledge that with the ever increasing lion population, at least in the village they won’t become part of the Halal menu.

We are extremely lucky, our choices are wide and varied. In Saadani I came across a salt mine. Next time you go to the supermarket, check to see how many choices of salt you have. Then log onto my Blog and I will tell you a shocking story of human exploitation in our modern age and the reason why we need to be more aware of where our food comes from.

With a young family and a busy lifestyle I have further learnt two very interesting things on my travels to Tanzania. Sometimes it is good to travel with your partner or friend to realise that you still are able to get along, find common interest and conversation. Also its astonishing to discover that you can actually fit all your belongings in a 9kg bag and take it on board with you. Please do try this next time you travel to Africa. By using travel size toiletries and a bit of wardrobe planning you can in fact flit through customs and be at the bar whist others are still queuing. And believe me; Africans have an unquestioning patience at queuing that will astound you.

To conclude but not finally (as I have so much still to say on Tanzania), I realised that beautiful things last and old friends don’t really change. My dear friend Marlies has married her sweetheart and revamped the old lodge of Momella in the Arusha National Park. The creation of Hatari lodge has become a shrine to the film of the same name, shot on the location of the lodge. Joerg (Marlies’ husband) is a professional guide and adventurer who has established enterprising trips into the wilds at the foot of Kilimanjaro and Meru. Marlies on the other hand has countless community projects on the go but runs her young family and lodge with awe-inspiring precision. I highly recommend a trip to Hatari.

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