Sculptures Of Benin City Turned Nigeria Into Africa’s Master Of Art

Nigeria has distinguished itself in the field of arts and culture.This distinguished rank has come to Nigeria due to huge diversities of its cultures and people. Nigeria is considered as a principal master of art and culture by most African countries. This country exhibits the artistic beauties of black people. Historians have not discovered the time when first art masterpieces of Nigeria reached the outer world. However, the biggest lot of Nigerian masterpieces reached Britain in 1897. It is believed that more than 2,000 art pieces were shipped to England when Benin City came under the rule of Britain. These art pieces were made with bronze and ivory. After their shipment to England, the masterpieces were dispersed to other European countries and American cities.

Sculptures Of Benin City Turned Nigeria Into Africa's Master Of Art

Sculptures Of Benin City Turned Nigeria Into Africa's Master Of Art

The oldest discovered sculptures of Nigeria were of terracotta figures. Tribal people with a great cultural sophistication had designed those pieces. Name of Nok Culture has been given to these sculptures. Evidences were discovered that Nok People had learnt the ways of iron smelting, they decorated themselves with stone beads and tin. Their earrings, bracelets and nose rings were also made of iron.Duration of Nok Culture has been discovered in between 500 BC to 200 AD.

The next big change to Nigerian sculptures was brought by Igbo-Ukwu people. They had learnt the casting of bronze. It is also thought that the ancient Ife people could produce different sculptures from terracotta, copper and bronze. The achievements of ancient Ife people had stunned the historians and critics in their first look. But Benin Antiquities are considered as the best pieces of Nigerian artworks. The sixth King of Benin city had encouraged the flourish of art in his city.

The cultural heritage of Nigeria is being woven with threads of history. Nigeria’s past is filled with conquests and ethnic struggles. The tourist visiting Nigeria can find out the huge ethnic differences of this nation. This country is blessed with different types of landscapes. Therefore, people of different regions have established their different traditions. This country has variety in its land and it has a variable beauty. It has many travel destinations for tourists to enjoy.

This country is described as ‘Giant of Africa’. It has huge ecological and cultural resources. Vast areas of this country have ability to promote tourism. Nigerian government wants to improve its exchange reserves; therefore, this government is taking its tourism policy seriously. Nigeria’s airports facilitate travellers of neighbouring countries. Therefore Lagos Flights are promoting competition between leading airlines of world.

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