Taking A Botswana Holiday

When you decide to take a Botswana Holiday you will be travelling to Africa. Africa is the world’s second largest continent both in size and population. It ranks just after Asia in population. It occupies 11.7 million square miles. Africa occupies approximately six percent of the earth’s surface and it occupies approximately twenty percent of the total land area. In other words, Africa is a big place. It would make a wonderful trip and going on a Botswana Holiday would allow you to see a large area of Southern Africa.

Since the Kalahari Desert occupies about 70 percent of Botswana taking a Botswana Holiday would let you see a most amazing place on earth.

Botswana has within its boundaries the Okavango Delta which is the world’s largest inland delta. Within the boundaries it has the Chobe National Park and the Moremi Game Reserve which have the world’s largest concentration of game plus the largest population of elephants in the world. Chobe National Park is the first national park in Africa. Within the Chobe National Park is the Serondela or the Chobe Riverfront is one of Botswana’s major water spots where buffalo, elephants and giraffes among other wild animals come to.

Taking A Botswana Holiday

Taking A Botswana Holiday

Botswana comprises wildlife habitat, grasslands and savannas. A savanna is a grassland ecosystem without a closed canopy of trees or other vegetation. Within Botswana is the Linyanti Marsh with lagoons and flood plains. You can see lions, leopards and antelopes to name a few of the animals to look for.

Throughout Africa both East Africa and Southern Africa there are many safari camps where you can stay at. These are scattered all over the country. Some of them are privately owned; some of them are on government owned or leased lands.

If you are a photographer or simply a nature lover, Southern Africa has a lot to offer. It is a safe tourist destination with a lot of holiday destination choices. If you are looking for vegetation or birds then you may consider travelling to Botswana during November to April which is the rainy season and has the greatest population of birds and vegetation that can be seen. If you are looking for wild animals then you might consider visiting Botswana from May to October which is the dry season. This is when the vegetation is drying out and wild game is concentrated along the flooded areas.

One way of travel within the Chobe National Park is on the Chobe River and travelling on a river boat excursion which travel on the main waterways or a cruise on the Okavango Delta. If you want to explore the smaller waterways you would most likely take a tour in a dug out canoe or mokoro.

A visit to Nxai Pan in Botswana is the only place in Botswana where you could view both the impala and the springbok. It is an area of diverse landscape and great beauty. You would return home with visual pictures that you will never forget plus any photos you also take.

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