Things To See On Your Holidays In Liberia

Republic of Liberia, a country on the west coast of Africa, has hot climate with rains arriving in summer combined with harmattan harsh winds. The most populated Pepper Coast is composed of luscious mangrove forests. The name Liberia literally translates to liberty or Land of the Free. This is so because the country which was once colonised was freed thanks to the American government. But what this led to was a melting pot of ethnics, and different cultures becoming part of this wonderful land.

Firestone Plantation is set in farm land and is filled with green flourishing crops and fields that dance in the wind. For people coming from countries where they haven’t seen agriculture or farming, this is a wonderful experience. In fact they can even mix with the locals and try their hand at some farming, if they are interested.

Things To See On Your Holidays In Liberia

Things To See On Your Holidays In Liberia

Just like in most African countries, here too the Sapo National park is the key attraction for tourists. Since the country gets most of its revenue through tourism, the country makes sure to preserve the condition of the national parks. People visit these places in groups, with an English speaking guide who can show them around and give them sneak peeks into the hidden treasures as well. There are which have trekking or nature trails within them, but be sure to obtain any permit required to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.

With a name like Silver beach, what else can it be, but a long stretch of beautiful sandy beach? The place lives up to its name by being clean, and giving visitors the chance to indulge in the ocean, and go snorkelling in the clear waters. There are diving instructors available, for those who wish to take a few lessons and give it a shot.

Yamoussoukro became the capital city of Liberia in 1983, but today what remains of the place is just a barren land which resembles a jungle. Since the president spent only on his native village, this town was completely abandoned. The key attraction of this place is the only standing Basilica de Notre Dame de la Paix, which is an exact replica of St Peter’s which is in Rome.

One of the last remaining rain forests in Africa is the Tai National Park. There are trees here which are over 50 meters high and silent streams running along the path. A place like no other, the park is also filled with wildlife, and if you are lucky, you would see a Gorilla or Chimp jump from one tree to the other. Situated in the quaint little town of Tai, to get here, just hire a bush taxi or a minibus from Man, and drive down here, and it is better to travel in groups with a guide who knows the place very well.

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