Where Adventures Are Made In Angola

When you visit Angola you might want to think about partaking in the tour known as the Angola beach adventure. Maybe you have seen some awesome pictures of Cabinda and many other photos of Bengo or Cuando┬┤s sea line. The Angola beach adventure is one that offers breathtaking sights while being full of culture riches and wonder. There is a motel stay that is included in this tour and the motel is called the flamingo Motel. The interesting thing about this motel is that it is built within the cliffs and you have to travel forty miles across the desert just to get to it. Make sure you take plenty to drink and something to munch on during the drive and you will find this one of the best adventures to be had. The excitement and opportunity to take some wonderful photos of Angola does not end with the drive though the desert. There will be so much for you to see and experience that you just may need to take a nap before the day is finished.

Where Adventures Are Made in Angola

Where Adventures Are Made in Angola

Angola’s history and culture is very interesting, making the investment in Angola something very appealing but it can take days to even learn just a small amount about. The riches of this country are in its minerals, but in all honesty it is the people and the way they look at life that are truly the riches to be found here. If you know anything about this country you will know that it has suffered a lot of hardships because of the wars that have taken place here.

The people of this country have a way of looking at life that we all could learn from, instead of becoming depressed and saddened by what they have been though they have adopted a peaceful attitude and are always looking for any reason to be grateful for what they have and rejoice in parties. Theirs is a happy way of thinking and they are always glad to share that with those of you that visit their country. There is no better way to experience the wonder and beauties of this country then to spend some time there and get to understand their ways. Perhaps if you get the chance to go out in to the desert and meet the tribes that have always lived there you will see people that refuse to give up the ways of their ancestors and you will honestly experience the richness of Angola.

But before you start taking pictures of Angola and therefore of these proud people, it is best that you ask for their permission and if it is gave to you then you will have some of the best memories that you could ever hope for. Once you return home you can share what will be the best vacation you have ever had with all of your friends and family for years to come.

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