Best Places To Visit In Thailand During Hot Season

Best Places To Visit In Thailand During Hot Season

At present, Thailand is in its summer months. Thailand’s hot season begins from April to the end of September. During this time, the heat beats most of the country; therefore, many travelers, especially travelers from Western countries, avoid visiting Thailand until the weather is more comfortable. Although Thailand is hot but there are some places the weather is cooler and bearable. You can travel to the north of the country to escape the summer heat in many spectacular cool mountains, hot springs, luxury resorts and take part in various exciting activities. The summer is officially the low season for tourism in Thailand, so it is the ideal time to plan for a budget vacation. The prices are dramatically lower than in the high tourist season. Cheap fights are always available for you and you can stay at a luxury resort for a half or more of the usual price. The best choice for a summer vacation in Thailand is to travel to the north of the country where the weather is naturally cooler. Among many beautiful destinations in the north, Chang Mai, Chang Rai and Mae Hong Son, where you can escape the traffic jam and pollution, are often strongly recommended and put in the must-see list of many travelers.

Summer Tour to Thailand

Summer Tour to Thailand

Chiang Mai

Located in the north, Chiang Mai is naturally cooler and less polluted than Bangkok or other cities in the country. The city has less traffic and this tend to make it cooler. Chang Mai is a wonderful place to visit as there is a lot to do in this city. You can enjoy trekking, raft riding or elephant riding. Furthermore, Chiang Mai has many great shopping centers, nice restaurants and fabulous night bazaar to satisfy your demands. Also, air-conditioned shopping malls, stores and restaurants have been increased in Chiang Mai in recent years.

Chiang Rai

Located in further north of the country, Chiang Rai is a lovely little town to stay in summer months. The temperature in Chiang Rai is lower than in Bangkok, at least 8-10 degrees. The weather is often pleasant with nice breezes. Thanks to mountainous terrain which makes the temperature cooler, travelers can go camping and go trekking higher up into the mountains. This small town really has much more to offer you. A lot of cool coffee shops, restaurants, and interesting museums are always available for you with reasonable prices. Besides, there is also a good night market for you to enjoy at night.

Mae Hong Son

Known as the City of Mists, Mae Hong Son is a lovely place to visit in Thailand. About a three hour drive north from Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son is one of the Thailand’s coolest places in the summer. Its beauty, its mountains and the hilltribe people who live in tiny out of the way villages in the distant mountains are well-known to travelers around the world. Mae Hong Son is a charming town with numerous galleries, little coffee shops, bookstores and excellent restaurants. Although the food here is really delicious, the price is quite low that it possible for all budgets to afford. It is no wonder that Mae Hong Son is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy your summer vacation. Even if you want to find romance, the City of Mists with its spectacular natural landscapes will be an ideal destination.

In a short word, although Thailand is extremely hot in the summer, these Thai places are cooler. They promise you a wonderful budget summer holiday that you may want to come back once more.

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