Hong Kong Travel Made Easy

The lovely panoramic city of Hong Kong draws tourists by the droves. Be it the spectacular vantage point proffered by The Peak, the Symphony of Lights at the Victoria. Harbor, or the scintillating Salsa Festival, the Events’ Capital of Asia beckons with its delights at all times, all year round. Small wonder that flights to Hong Kong. are practically booked throughout the year.

But getting cheap tickets to Hong Kong doesn’t have to be hard. Hong Kong International Airport is a sight in and of itself. People from all over the world try to fly through it, into it, by way of it, and even want extra long delays while in it. It’s that good. Like a small city with the finest shopping, this is one of the most modern and up-to-date airports in the world, plus it is served by as many as 80 airlines. Just book in advance, that’s the key to securing a super cheap ticket.

Hong Kong Travel Made Easy

Hong Kong Travel Made Easy

And what to do when you get there? You could start by taking The Peak tram. The tram ride is an unforgettable experience by all accounts. Once atop the summit of the Peak it is easy to understand why. Gazing down at the city’s majestic skyline will take your breath away. Equally breathtaking is the view around the Peak Circle Walk
and Lugard Road Lookout.

Hop onto one of the efficient rail lines of Hong Kong or take the star ferry for to explore its great sights in Kowloon, Fanling, or Sha Tin. The ancient part of the city is just too inviting for words. If you take the MTR East Rail Line you might want to get off at the market down of Mong Kok, also known as Argyle. The Mong Kok market is a delightful medley of old and new Hong Kong. Its bustling shops and eateries keep tourists busy for hours on end. Don’t miss Victoria Harbor and the Hong Kong Museum of History for a unique look into the history of the once British colony that was returned to China.

Hong Kong is also a shoppers’ haven. Its vibrant street markets including Stanley Market, Jade Market and Temple Market are definitely worth a visit. Bring your bargaining skills to the fore before you are tempted to buy, though! Spas are a growing trend her in Hong Kong, give the Wonderfish! Spa at the Peak galleria a try for some deep relaxation to break up the shopping and walking before you head out to an incredible dinner in a restaurant offering a sparkling and totally beautiful view of the bay.

Finally, a word about the cuisine of Hong Kong. The fresh seafood that you get to sample is absolutely mouth-watering. Try fresh scallops with fine wine. Or fresh water wish with beer. The use of fresh Chinese spices combined with freshly caught fish is something you’ll never forget. Flights to Hong Kong , like we said, are quite a few. Call your travel agent now. Or, better still, try the online Best Travel store if you are looking for cheap tickets to Hong Kong. We also take care of your itinerary and make your trip as pleasant as possible.

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