Macau Tourist Attractions

Macau was at one time part of Portugal but has since been handed back to the Chinese. It consists of two islands and is best known for its casinos. Gamblers throughout Asia visit Macau because of its world class casinos.

If you however don’t like to gamble then please note that there are plenty of other tourist attractions for you to enjoy. What is definitely certain is that some of the finest hotels and resorts on the planet are located in Macau. This is one of the reasons why Macau is such a popular honeymoon destination.

Macau Tourist Attractions

Macau Tourist Attractions

If you are interested in visiting Macau but are not sure about which places to visit then be sure to carry on reading. I have listed and reviewed for you the best things to do in Macau.

Ruins of St. Paul’s: St. Paul’s was a large cathedral which was destroyed by a large fire nearly two hundred years ago. The ruins of this Macau cathedral have become one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island.

Largo do Senado: The Largo do Senado is a magnificent square which is located right in the center of town. There are a number of beautiful and historic building which line the Largo do Senado so this is definitely a place which every tourist should visit during their stay.

A-Ma Temple: There are a number of different temples on Macau but my favorite one is the A-Ma Temple. A lot of local residents as well as Chinese tourists visit this temple daily.

Macau Golf & Country Club: If you love playing golf then you simply must plan a visit to the Macau Golf & Country Club which is located at the famous Westin Resort.

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