Plan Budget Travel To Asia

Plan Budget Travel To Asia

Located primarily in the eastern and northern hemispheres, Asia is the largest and most populous continent in our planet. In term of travel, it is a massive continent. You can blow through $100 per day if you travel to Japan even when you are a budget traveler. Staying in a five star hotel and eating in an excellent restaurant seem to be a dream that no budget traveler can afford. But, every thing is quite easy in Laos or Cambodia. With $100 you can stay in a very luxurious hotel and eat in the most expensive restaurant or more. The prices vary from country to country. For budget backpackers, there are two regions in Asia they should not miss: Southeast Asia and India Subcontinent. They are two of the cheapest travel destinations on Earth.

Plan Budget Travel To Asia

Plan Budget Travel To Asia

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia includes eleven countries in ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations). Once you reach there, you will immediately know why it is considered as a paradise of backpackers. In general, every thing here is quite cheap. You can move around effortlessly through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia… or you can fly form this country to others in ASEAN with a reasonable price. Especially, Bangkok is the hub for cheap flights; form there you can fly to anywhere with an unbelievable price.

Food and accommodation in Southeast Asia are extremely cheap, especially in the summer because it is the off-season. You can order a meal in a cheap restaurant or choose a stall in a corner of a street. Stalls are always available for you with a really cheap price, about one or two dollar for a meal. Through the region, there are countless hotels and guest houses devoted to all budgets. For a cheap accommodation, you only spend $20 – $25 for a private room. This is a reason why many backpacker couples can survive for months through several countries in this region with a medium budget.

Southeast Asia also offers you numerous interesting sites to discover. For many historical landmarks, a ticket to go sightseeing only costs a little money or sometimes they are opened free for everyone. Some places to visit are Ankor Wat in Cambodia, Ayutthaya and Sukothai in Thailand, Borobudur and Prambanan in Indonesia, Pagan in Myanmar and many others. Besides, there are many lovely beaches, beautiful rivers and spectacular mountains where you can immerse yourself in the peaceful and poetic atmosphere and forget the stressful life in your homeland. In comparison with other countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore is the most expensive. However, there is a correlation between price and comfort. Singapore has an excellent transportation system and people speak English so you can communicate with the locals more easily.

India Subcontinent

India Subcontinent includes 7 or 8 nations in South Asia. In this region, India and Nepal are very popular to budget travelers around the world. They are known as two of the cheapest places on Earth for shoestring backpackers. In both India and Nepal, the poverty and polluted cities sometimes make travelers afraid but once you can handle it, it is certain that you’ll have a memorable trip.

When you really come, they will welcome you with rich cultures, beautiful landscapes, and reasonable prices. Every year, thousands of backpackers come to experience new cultures, contemplate natural beauty of countless mountains, rivers and white-sand beaches to refresh their life and get spiritual renewal. There you can get by for only $10 per day.

Accommodation is also very cheap. Due to booming tourism, India does not have many fancy hotels but numerous accommodations with low prices. Like other budget travel destinations, you can go anywhere with public transportation. Train network and bus system are always available for you even in the Himalayas region.

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