Useful Tips For A Better Trip In Thailand

Useful Tips For A Better Trip In Thailand

 “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” It is an old saying and undoubtedly, it is always true especially when you travel to a new country. One of the main reasons we travel is to explore others cultures and learn how people in other countries settle their lives. Different cultures has different ways of life and thinking, this sometime make you confuse when seeing people do something strange to your culture. Even in that situation, a visitor should learn how to live in harmony with the locals. Thailand is a country of many traditions and customs. Travelers to this country must learn how to respect their traditions. If you are planning a trip to Thailand, the following tips will help you avoid cultural socks and have a perfect trip in this mysterious country.

Useful Tips For A Better Trip In Thailand

Useful Tips For A Better Trip In Thailand

1. Respecting the monarchy

In Thailand, the monarchy is always respected by all Thais and they will not tolerate any lack respect towards members of royal family. Remember that criticism to the king and his family is against the law. Any offence to the monarchy is considered seriously.

2. Caring about their religion

Thailand is country of Buddhism. You should learn how to revere Buddha images and show your respect to their religion when entering a temple or pagoda. Always dress “politely” when you are planning to visit a religious shrine. Avoid wearing shorts, bikinis, tops that show you bare arms, skirts that show you legs or open-toed shoes; they are considered inappropriate. In some large temples, if you dress inappropriately you may be forbidden from entering. For Thai people, Buddha images are extremely scared, so be careful. Never climb on a Buddha statue or you will be asked to leave. You should consider carefully before taking a photograph, some Buddha images are so scared and taking photographs are not allowed. Don’t point you feet at the Buddha images , that make people think you offend their Buddha. The best way to avoid this situation is not to sit in front of temple’s or house’s Buddha images.

3. Greetings

In most western countries, shaking hands is a way to greet someone. Thai culture is not the same. Instead of shaking hands, people “wai” when they greet someone. It is a gesture made by placing your hands together in front of your face and bowing a little. In Thailand, younger person should wai an older one first. Following the local custom and practice is a good way to show your respect to their culture. Thais often highly appropriate this behavior.

4. The head and the feet

One thing you should never forget is that for Thais people, the head is the highest point of the body whereas the feet are the lowest; therefore, touching someone’s head is a taboo. Any gesture towards the head will make Thais think that you offend them. When the feet are considered as the lowest point, do not point at anything with your feet. Pointing the palm of your feet at anyone is unacceptable, too. If you do so with a Buddha image, Thai people will immediately stop welcoming you and even ask you to leave.

5. Be careful with your shoes

Wearing shoes when entering a temple where a Buddha image is kept is extremely unacceptable. Shoes are considered very dirty and you will be thought that you are not respectful to their Buddha although you do not mean to cause offense. When you are invited to someone’s house, remember to take your shoes off before entering. Most of Thai people do not wear shoes in their house. Even many hotels in Thailand do not have shoes for guests to wear in room.

These are some useful tips that can help you avoid embarrassing situations when travel to Thailand. Thailand is a mysterious country with a long rich history and many customs and practices, learn about their traditions is an effective way to discover their culture and enjoy your vacation.

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