Best Family Beach Vacations In Anguilla

If it is your first visit to Anguilla, you are bound to be surprised by the level of hospitality the tiny island with a population of a mere 12,000 people will offer you. The number of Anguillions is undoubtedly small, but their hearts are big and smiles welcoming. The island is popular for its tranquility and has every natural ingredient to make you feel how beautiful life is when you’re in nature’s lap.

Anguilla is renowned for its beaches. Its 35-mile coastline has over 33 beaches, of which, many rank among the best in the Caribbean. The beauty of the soft white sand sloping calmly into the shallow blue waters is breathtaking. What is special about the island is the fact that it has beaches of a wide variety to suit individual preferences. There are beaches that are quiet and secluded, some others that are busier, some ideal for a romantic walk, and some that are coves specially designed for snorkeling, diving, and conducting romantic picnics. All these beaches are serene and spectacular, with cleanliness all around. The most spectacular sight is that of the saltwater ponds that shelter snowy egrets and great blue herons.

Best Family Beach Vacations In Anguilla

Best Family Beach Vacations In Anguilla

If you are traveling with younger kids, you may want to primarily focus on hotels that offer an organized children’s program or babysitting. Or if you’re vacationing in Anguilla with kids that are older, you might want to pay particular attention to hotels that provide a game room or arcade, and also offer outdoor activities like a swimming pool, water sports, and tennis. No matter what amenities are important for your family, Anguilla has a resort that will be perfect for your family beach vacation.

Standards of accommodation in Anguilla are very high, and so is the famous gourmet cuisine’s quality. There are plenty of hotels on the island specializing in offering a luxurious stay. One also has a variety of options in budget accommodations to choose from.

Here are some resorts we recommend for family vacations in Anguilla:

  • Malliouhana Hotel & Spa
  • Arawak Beach Inn
  • La Sirena Hotel
  • Carimar Beach Club
  • Rendezvous Bay Hotel & Villas
  • Shoal Bay Villas

Interestingly, no visitor can get lost in the island, as there is only one main road, aptly called the Main Road. This road branches off beautifully to bays and beaches that nature lovers, swimmers, divers, and sun worshipers are mesmerized with, and would never want to leave.

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