Exploring The Small Towns Of Eastern Aruba

When visiting Aruba, tourists often spend most of their time near the western shore, home to the island’s capital and cultural center – Oranjestad – and most of the top beach resorts. Though the eastern half of Aruba lacks the glamour of the western beach areas, the area is home to many charming destinations waiting to captivate curious travelers. As the island is only 20 miles long, the small towns surrounding the island’s second-largest city, San Nicolas, and the incredibly diverse sights of eastern Aruba are only a short drive from all of the top resorts.

Exploring The Small Towns Of Eastern Aruba

Exploring The Small Towns Of Eastern Aruba

Pos Chiquito

Located almost directly between Oranjestad and San Nicolas along the southern coast’s Route 1, the small town of Pos Chiquito stands as one of Aruba’s top destinations for scuba divers and snorkelers. Just offshore from town, near a rugged section of shoreline known as Rocky Beach, scuba divers and snorkelers will find one of Aruba’s best coral reefs. As the site is visited regularly by local dive tours and used as a training ground for aspiring guides, the offshore sights at Pos Chiquito are not exactly a secret. However, there are rarely crowds in Pos Chiquito and the coral reef is so expansive that divers will never have trouble enjoying this exciting underwater environment at their own pace.

While scuba diving and snorkeling are certainly the biggest draws in Pos Chiquito, the town also has plenty to offer those in search of simple relaxation. This quiet community is known throughout Aruba for its refined regional architecture and laid-back atmosphere. As a close-knit community that includes many expatriates, Pos Chiquito is also home to an interesting variety of eateries where tourists are always welcome.

Pos Chiquito rests just east of the island’s center along Route 1, the scenic road that stretches all the way from Boca Beach on the northwestern shore to San Nicolas and the eastern shore. Pos Chiquito can also be reached easily from the north end of Aruba via Routes 4 and 6.


Though Savaneta is home to no more than small handful of businesses, this southern shore destination has developed a reputation as an excellent dining destination. Though Savaneta lacks the high-class establishments found throughout the Oranjestad and the western resort areas, the town’s eateries regularly serve up some of Aruba’s best seafood and Latin American dishes.

Savaneta also holds the distinctions of being the oldest remaining town in Aruba – dating to the beginning of Dutch rule in 1816 – the island’s original capital and site of oldest colonial home. After exploring the historic sites, many travelers also visit some of the charming beaches that rest just minutes from the heart of town. Savaneta lies just east of Pos Chiquito on Aruba’s popular Route 1 and can be reached from either Oranjestad or San Nicolas in approximately 15 minutes.

Seroe Colorado

The town of Seroe Colorado, located near the southeastern tip of Aruba, was developed during the first half of the 20th century as a idyllic, comfortable community for the island’s growing number of oil workers. Though many of the families have since moved to other parts of the island, Seroe Colorado retains much of its exotic charm. Most of the town’s diminutive white houses remain intact, most flanked by dramatic cacti plants and other natural vegetation. At the heart of town, visitors will also find an austere chapel originally constructed in 1939.

Despite the peaceful atmosphere found in Seroe Colorado, most visitors use the town as a gateway to the sights of Aruba’s southeastern shore. Just east of town, visitors will find a natural bridge resting alongside a dramatic section of coastline. Despite being less-celebrated than the Natural Bridge that collapsed in 2005 and its remaining sister arch, Baby Bridge, the natural bridge near Seroe Colorado offers an incredible sightseeing opportunity amongst one of Aruba’s seldom-explored areas.

Though the exposed shoreline just east of Seroe Colorado is known for its dramatic scenery, two of the island’s most popular family beaches rest just a few miles south of town. Unlike the natural bridge area east of Seroe Colorado, Baby Beach and Rodgers Beach are protected by the southern tip of the island, meaning visitors will always find calm conditions, white sand and warm, shallow water.

As Route 1 runs north of the town and access from San Nicolas is hampered by private industrial areas, Seroe Colorado is slightly more difficult to reach than most of Aruba’s small communities. The most efficient way to reach Seroe Colorado is to follow Route 1 east from San Nicolas until the road terminates at a three-way intersection near the eastern shore. From the junction, visitors can follow the shoreline road south to Seroe Colorado and nearby beach destinations.

Though visitors to Aruba will certainly want to spend much of their time exploring Oranjestad and relaxing on the incomparable beaches of the western shore, the small towns on the eastern half of the island can be enjoyed in a single afternoon. Furthermore, as Route 1 provides easy access to many of eastern Aruba’s sights, including the city of San Nicolas, tourists have no reason to overlook the island’s quieter half.


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