Five Tips To A Great Vacation In Aruba

OK, you’ve made you decision on a vacation destination and you’re beginning to make your plans for your first trip to Aruba. Great! You’ll have a wonderful time – Aruba is a fantastic country that will welcome you with open arms. But – like any vacation you might want a few tips to make your vacation as pleasant as possible. Here are some learned from years of travel to Aruba.

Five Tips To A Great Vacation In Aruba

Five Tips To A Great Vacation In Aruba

One -If you can, fly to Aruba mid-week and leave mid-week. Weekends are peak travel times so flights are more difficult to get, and they are more expensive. Also, the airport in Aruba – while very modern – is not large and gets crowded pretty quickly. If you fly there for example on a Wednesday and leave on a Wednesday the crowds will be far fewer and you’ll definitely have a more relaxed time coming to and leaving Aruba. You also might save some money on your airline tickets.

Two – Pack only a carry-on bag. When you’re going to a new location it’s tempting to over-pack. But think about what you’ll be doing while you’re in Aruba – if it’s hitting the beach and spending time in the water then you really don’t need too many clothes. Shorts and comfortable shirts are the rule of the day (or should we say evening) when the sun goes down. Again – this limits your wardrobe. And as far as makeup and toiletries, the TSA security requirements limit how much you can bring anyway so you’ll need to purchase your sun tan lotion in Aruba – you can get other necessities there as well. Packing only a carryon will make you travel much less stressful – and you’ll get out of the airport much faster when you arrive in Aruba and when you get home.

Three – Bring your cell phone – but limit the use – and turn-off your data access. There is nothing worse after a wonderful vacation than to get your next cell phone bill and have hundreds of dollars in charges for data access in Aruba. Your phone will work – and so will your data access and e-mail – but it will be costly so limit your use. A good tip is to bring a laptop or netbook and check your e-mail using your hotel’s Internet access every two days. That way you can handle necessary messages. The money you’ll pay for Internet access at your hotel (about $15.00 / day) will be MUCH less than the data charges on your cell phone.

Four – If you don’t use suntan lotion you will get burned – period. Aruba is near the equator so the sun’s rays are very direct. Spending time on the beach – even in the shade – can be a recipe for disaster if you don’t use sunblock. Really. We’re not kidding. We have seen people get severe sunburns that have ruined their vacations. Don’t take a chance – even if you “don’t burn.”

Five – Plan your arrival time to Aruba – Most hotels won’t check you in until 3pm or 4pm so you might have some idle time. Some things to consider – first, don’t pack your bathing suit where it is out-of-reach, you may want to spend some time at the pool while waiting for your room. Second, see if you can check-in early then come back to get your key. With any luck you might end-up getting a better room since in many hotels it’s first come, first serve. Better yet – let the person at the front desk know your preference. They may be able to honor it because you’re there early.

The tips above should help you have a more enjoyable vacation in Aruba. Once you’re there look to see what you can do to make you NEXT trip there even better. Aruba is the island that the most people return to a second time for vacation – over 60% – so don’t be surprised if you’re planning your return trip before you’ve left the country.

Have a great trip!

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