How To Plan A Surprise Romantic Getaway To Jamaica

Planning a surprise romantic getaway is a great way to well surprise your special someone. However, a lot of planning and preparation must go into this special treat. If you are planning a romantic getaway to Jamaica, as opposed to someplace local, keep reading on for a few helpful tips.

How To Plan A Surprise Romantic Getaway To Jamaica

How To Plan A Surprise Romantic Getaway To Jamaica

Opt for All-Inclusive Jamaica Travel

The Caribbean, including the island of Jamaica, is well-known for its all-inclusive resorts and all-inclusive travel packages. If you have never booked all-inclusive before, you will be impressed with the simplicity. Basically, you find the resort that best fits your wants and needs and then book your trip. Your stay includes a room or suite, food, drinks, snacks, tips, airport transfers from qualifying airports, many onsite activities and entertainment, and airfare (optional).

Although you are still encouraged to compare resorts, it is much easier to compare resorts only than airfare, hotels, restaurants, guided tours, and so forth. Basically, you are less likely to get caught planning the surprise when you opt for an all-inclusive Jamaica vacation.

Working Out the Passport Requirement

The tricky part about surprising your special someone with an all-inclusive romantic getaway to Jamaica is the whole passport issue. All travelers going to and from Jamaica from the United States must have a valid passport. If your special someone is your spouse, you have a pretty good idea whether or not they have a passport. Another tricky part comes with the whole what if they dont? Then, you need to get creative.

Obviously it wouldnt be safe for our government to let people order passports for each other. For that reason, your special someone needs to be in on the need for a passport. Do you take the chance of giving the surprise away? Yes, but there are some steps that you can take. A passport is one of those things that you should always have just in case. So why not hop on the its a good thing to have bandwagon. Or, express interest in possibly taking a romantic getaway together later down the road. Your surprise is only half ruined with this approach.

Working Out the Time Off Aspect

If your special someone is employed, you have another tricky scenario to overcome when looking to plan a surprise all-inclusive romantic getaway to Jamaica. If that special someone is your spouse, just casually suggest taking off the same work week. You can use the disguise of some home improvement projects that will get done faster with two sets of hands, a local trip, or just some romantic alone time at home.

To prevent any complications, it might be a good idea to hold off on making the travel arrangements for your surprise all-inclusive Jamaica vacation until you know he or she was able to successfully get that week off for vacation. You never know if their request for vacation will be denied to do a time restraint or conflict.

Choosing Your All-Inclusive Jamaica Resort

Above we established the benefits of opting for an all-inclusive romantic getaway. To do this, you must choose an all-inclusive resort to stay at. While it is important to opt for a resort you can afford, consider the things to do and see onsite. You are planning a surprise trip and this is nice, but as humans we also want to have some say in what we do or see. By opting for an all-inclusive or super-inclusive Jamaica resort, you get that. There will be tons to do and see right onsite. Just make sure that all or most of the activities are things your special someone will enjoy.

For the best value for your money, opt for an all-inclusive Jamaica resort where these things to do and see are included in the cost of your stay. You get less hassle especially if planning your trip on a budget. There is no need to worry about if you can afford a scuba diving adventure if your resort included that adventure and all needed rental gear in with the cost of your stay.

In short, planning a surprise all-inclusive romantic getaway to Jamaica does require some careful planning. Guess what? All the planning in the world is worth it. Imagine your partners surprise the moment they realize their vacation isnt going to be spent doing home improvement projects around the house or their vacation isnt going to be spent at a local hotel. Instead, it will be at a warm, sunny, beautiful, and tropical all-inclusive resort in Jamaica.

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