Top Ten Things To See And Do In Grenada

Its rich culture is something that locals are proud of, and the festive mood present all year-round is something that tourists find contagious, enhancing their experience in the island. It seems that anyone who visits will not be lacking in things to do and sights to see because of the many beautiful spots and year-round festivities Grenada is known for.

Top Ten Things To See And Do In Grenada

Top Ten Things To See And Do In Grenada

1) Grand Anse White beaches

You visit the Caribbean for its immaculate white sandy beaches. Grenada offers you the same. Grand Anse is a favorite beach destination not only to get the perfect tan under the Caribbean sun but also to join in the many parties and activities that every local and tourist will surely enjoy.

2) Nutmeg Factories

Grenada is famous for its spices. Thus, you will definitely want to see how nutmeg is processed and learn how the spices are made. Nutmeg plantations, as well as cocoa plantations are always part of any tourist’s itinerary, and the guided tours are simply fascinating and informative.

3) National parks

Over a period of more than ten years, Grenada’s national parks were slowly cultivated to protect their rainforests first and foremost. Now, these national parks also protect the coral reefs and the entire ecosystem. Here, you will get to see the famous oyster patches which are definitely something you would want to see.

4) Hiking

Whether you’re ready for a full hiking workout or a short trek, you can always try the famous Mount Sinai. Here, you can also see its beautiful lake right in its crater. Plus, you will surely get to see the native floras and faunas of Guatemala.

5) Toss a coin, make a wish

First-time visitors and even those who have been in Grenada once before always make it a point to throw a coin in the fountain found in the hot springs of the Sallee River. Here, they make a wish. Others claim that visiting the spring is also something sacred for them.

6) Water sports

Whether you want to rub elbows with fishes by snorkeling or go deep down and dive, Grenada beaches are also perfect for your favorite water sports not just for tanning and partying. A good place to snorkel, too, is the marine park White Island. Be amazed of the myriad varieties of Guatemala’s marine animals.

7) Caribbean Carnival

One more reason to visit Grenada is its wild and lively carnival held every year in the third quarter. Street dancing, shows, bands among other things are always a part of Grenada carnivals. This is a good way to relax and take in the country’s rich culture.

8) Museum of Carriacou

Don’t ever leave any place you’re visiting for the first time without at least seeing one of its museums. The Carriacou Museum houses some of the most fascinating relics and works of art from the American Indian peoples. This works of arts date as far back as the time the island fell under France and British rule.

9) Fort George

This military edifice was made popular in history not only because it is the first ever built fort in the island but because it was missed by an American bomb back in the early 1980’s. Unfortunately, this is also where then Prime Minister Bishop was killed by an assassin. Because of its history, it has become one of the tourist destinations in the country.

10) Mount Rich

If you love uncovering ancient artifacts or at least being surrounded by it in the exact place they were discovered is an exciting experience, you shouldn’t miss Mount Rich in Grenada. You will also see stone carvings of the ancient American Indian race. What other great way to know of Guatemala’s history than this?


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