Enjoy The Beauty And Sights Of France

One of the most popular places in the world to visit is France. Discover why people continue to flock to this place of beauty and history. When picking a vacation package you need to get the most for your money as well as an experience you will remember throughout your life. Travel Plans International understands this desire and they have put together world famous France vacation packages.

For 41 years, Travel Plans International has designed and operated international travel packages and tours to destinations in Europe, the South Pacific, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Central America. They carefully select featured hotels and grounds that have stood test of time and also have for many years consistently met their interest in excellent plan to their clients planing a trip to international destinations.

Enjoy The Beauty And Sights Of France

Enjoy The Beauty And Sights Of France

The founder of Travel Plans International, Marie Pierre-Griffin, is a native of Nice, France and is also now retired in Provence with her husband Peter. Marie won the French Travel Office Gold Medal for France Tourism in 1999. During Marie’s ownership and since, Travel Plans International has designed and operated France tours and France vacation packages for 1000s of clients.

For your France travel, there are six France travel packages which are designed and operated by Travel Plans International. To customize your France vacation, additionally they offer to mix and match any of the features of their packages and also will add extensions to any France destination or to neighboring countries, as you desire. Share your vacation desires to Travel Plans International and permit them to fulfill your France vacation dreams.

Visit Travel Plans International to learn the France vacation packages available. One of which is the Chateaux of the Loire Valley and Normandy plus Paris, the “City of Lights”. Selecting this package will give you eleven nights in first class, superior or deluxe hotels and chateaux. Eight days rental of a standard sized car with unlimited miles or a 1st class 4 day Rail Pass. Also included is 2 half day guided tours in Paris, Illumination dinner cruise in Paris, as well as a Paris fashion show just to name a few. Travel Plans International offers optional features for individuals who wish to enhance their France vacation package. These optional features include a chauffeur and larger car for any part of the trip you prefer not to drive. Water sports, fishing, golf, tennis, horseback riding, hiking or biking are available optional features. Make sure to check with Travel Plans International as offered packages can change.

For those who desire to enjoy a symphony or opera in Paris, Travel Plans International provides an optional feature of pre-paid reservations to such events. Another fantastic adventure is surely an excursion to EuroDisney near Paris. With endless optional features you’re certain to have the time of your life and create long lasting memories. Contact Travel Plans International today and discover the enchanting Paris vacation packages that await you.

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