Holiday In France And Top Attractive Beaches In France

From romantic Paris to the rolling vineyards of Champagne and vast beaches of Brittany through to the sun-drenched fields of the Loire, glamorous French Riviera and to-die-for Corsica, travelling to France promises to tantalize and tickle your holiday taste buds like nowhere else.

Breakfast on steaming coffee and flaky, freshly baked croissants on a buzzing Paris boulevard. Sip a classic Burgundy on a traditional village square as the locals clink boles under a shade-giving plane tree. Feast on extravagant truffle-laced dishes in a cozy Bordeaux cellar.

Holiday In France And Top Attractive Beaches In France

Holiday In France And Top Attractive Beaches In France

Mingle with the jet set around the glitzy marinas and beaches of Cannes or Nice. Or inhale the spectacular mountains capes, marquis-scented hills and snow-white beaches of magical Corsica. France conjures up images of traditional châteaux, gothic cathedrals, long, sandy beaches, acres of vineyards and charming villages.

Famous for its cheeses, crepes, wine and champagne it is a food lover’s paradise with a wealth of delicacies to tempt you whilst camping in France. The superb camping accommodation offered by Eurocamp will provide the perfect base for your adventures.

Many of the campsites are situated near major cities for your convenience or further out of town amidst beautiful scenery, perfect for exploring. All the campsites in France have excellent facilities of their own for your convenience and enjoyment when camping.

Honeymoon in France

France is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world, attracting thousands of newly weds every year. The breathtaking Alps Mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, magnificent architectural wonders, world-famous vineyards and wineries, fascinating countryside, or scintillating modern cities, France is truly a honeymooner’s paradise.

Located on Western Europe and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the south, Atlantic Ocean in the north and English Channel in the West France is ideal destination to celebrate the moments of togetherness. The honeymoon tours in France are pertaining to the desires and budget of the traveler. From historical sightseeing and city travel to quintessential scenery France has much to offer making your honeymoon trip to France a memorable one. If you’re planning for honeymoon in Europe, then France can be a wonderful choice.

Top Beaches in France

The peninsula of Cap Ferret near the city of Bordeaux has beautiful beaches on either side which offer excellent surfing and swimming. These relatively quiet beaches are conveniently close to the city and can be visited for a mere day trip, an extended weekend, or something even more permanent. The Peninsula offers numerous camping sites for tents and recreational vehicles. Some of these camp grounds offer five star accommodations with pools, restaurants and tennis courts while others are simpler.

At the foothills of the beautiful Pyrenees, and close to the border of Spain, Saint-Jean de Luz is a medieval village with a real old-world feel. On the Cote Basque, the culture here is uniquely Spanish and the baroque style architecture makes you feel as if you have taken a trip through time. The town is lively and filled with some of the coast’s best sea food restaurants, wine bars and pubs. Take a sailboat cruise out of town or a train through the mountains for a lovely day trip, or simply stay on the beach. Just a few miles from Montpellier, La Grande Motte is one of France’s most active beach resort towns. Those travelers who want some water-themed adventures will find La Grande Motte an ideal spot for water skiing, jet skis, windsurfing and speed boating.

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