Monaco Grand Prix Tours

For many years now, I have always been watching closely the many travel deals, tours and packages all around the world. I am exceptionally updated when it comes to seasonal good deals and other promotional package for any kind of holiday all around the world. Being also a travel enthusiast as I am, I also took pleasure in all of my travel experiences which include eating and experiencing all of the best food and all other things that the world has to offer.

Monaco Grand Prix Tours

Monaco Grand Prix Tours

But of all of these perks and opportunities, there is really something about sporting events that I cannot resist. I have attended quite a number of retreats and festivals that showcase the rich and diverse culture of every foreign country, but there is really something about the adrenaline rush on sporting events that make it special. And now with the start of the Formula One racing season on the horizon, I can’t help but be excited about the Monaco Grand Prix package that I am about to experience this year.

This is not my first time to attend the Monaco Grand Prix, but what really makes this one special is the fact that of all the racing venues, Monaco is my favorite. There is something about the Monaco Grand Prix packages that makes it all exciting and something that any racing and traveling enthusiast like me would look forward to.

Maybe, it was all because of the sunny experience at the Cote d’Azur that is always included in every Monaco Grand Prix package. You see, aside from the race itself, this comprehensive package also include an opportunity to indulge in an opulent atmosphere like that in Monaco. Also, while you are there, it would also be best if you would take the opportunity to board a multi-million pound super yacht. Indeed, the Monaco Grand Prix package is the closest thing to a luxurious fantasy that I ever had.

Aside from that, Monaco is also known for its casino. They also have an amazing oceanarium and the exotic gardens on top of their amazing caves. And of course, it would be a mortal sin to leave Monaco without a souvenir this is why the Monaco Grand Prix package also provides for time to shop at the elite stores of Prada, and Gucci. Some package would also include a tour of the car showroom in Ferrari, Porsche and Maserati. Also, if you have enough money, you ride in one of the most expensive yachts in the world, travel by Lear jet, opt for helicopter transfer, or to warm up for the big race, by hiring a supercar.

It is also in Monaco that I was able to watch the race with some renowned celebrities, royalties and other rich and famous people all around the world.

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