Scandinavian Tales Of Sweden

The country of lakes and forests, meadows and mountains known for its warm summers and fairly cold winters. Not rich in whole soil and rocky terrain have led Sweden to the mining, steel production and forestry development, which greatly improve the level of the economy.

The Sweden people are famous for their reverent love for nature. And while winter residents often leave the country to avoid the cold weather, they remain the most active tourists to the country during the summer. In Sweden, there is something that is not always find in other European countries – this is a huge free open uninhabited spaces. They are characteristic of the vast forests, mountains and national parks. Sometimes one can go long distances without seeing a soul.

Many tourists running after attractions, such as those that are located in France or Italy, Sweden, mistakenly believe that a poor in this regard. Far from it: in Sweden there are 1400 historical forts, 2500 runic monuments in the open air, 25000 protected Iron Age graves, and in only one of Stockholm and the surrounding area has 10 royal castles.

Scandinavian Tales Of Sweden

Scandinavian Tales Of Sweden

Stockholm, of course – the main goal of most visitors to Sweden. City with history of more than seven centuries, is filled with twisting cobbled streets in the medieval streets, and marble, glass and granite skyscrapers in downtown. It is a city of tranquility, beautiful buildings, countless opportunities for shopping and an abundance of attractions. No other European capital can boast such spectacular scenery as Stockholm, with its 24 thousand islands and reefs of various sizes. This city was created to give pleasure. While other world capitals grow old and lose their former glory, Stockholm over the years, it only gets better. More recently, he wore the spirit of provincialism, but now it is alive, vibrant and active city with a rich nightlife, fine dining, with a refined and educated population and high, by world standards, standards of living. But in Stockholm, Sweden is just beginning. Another, at least two cities are more attention – Gothenburg and Malmo. Gothenburg, Sweden’s main seaport, located on the rocky west coast, notable for its picturesque scenery. Boulevard beautifully lined with trees, there are many elegant buildings, restaurants, museums, nightclubs, and endless line of shops. To the north of Gothenburg you will find a quiet fishing harbor, surrounded by cliffs and offshore islands, where the city’s population comes to rest in the summer.

Remote and isolated areas of Europe, Lapland, – the territory of truly impressive proportions. Birch groves and vast coniferous forests turn into waterfalls, roaring rapids, mountain plateaus and swamps, overgrown with moss. Numerous rivers in this region of the jet from the mountains and flow into the Gulf of Bothnia. Untouched nature is not touching under the summer sun – a compelling reason for the attraction of Lapland.

And finally, the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, belonging to the territory of Sweden, it flourished in the times of the Vikings. This land of beaches, spa and yachting has a warmer climate than in the rest of Sweden. About a hundred churches and chapels are still on the island, and the main city of Visby (Visby), one of the oldest cities in Sweden. The wall around the old town stretches for 3 kilometers, her crown 44 of the tower. Gear turrets and high narrow windows in the form of arches take us back to the Middle Ages.

Sweden – a country where you can enjoy the history and urban entertainment, but the heart and soul of the nation you feel right in its endless landscapes. From riot of colors and scents of summer meadows with orchids, where to go deer before dark winter landscape dotted sled dogs in the snow – in any season of Sweden provides every opportunity for the amazing holiday.

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