Switzerland Classic Tourist Country

Switzerland is an example of the classic tourist country. This elegant city and the famous resorts with comfortable hotels, majestic mountains, clear lakes and scenic hillsides. Here in a small space are concentrated all the natural beauty and outstanding works of human hands. Watch all the attractions of Switzerland as well as tours to Switzerland in the new directories tours and attractions.

Switzerland Classic Tourist Country

Switzerland Classic Tourist Country

In a country full of small towns with unique color, such as Biel – “watch capital” with two official languages, the famous Solothurn – a city with buildings in the Baroque style and a lot of cultural monuments, Cours – the oldest town in Switzerland, with Disentis interesting Benedictine Monastery and Museum in Myustere – Benedictine nunnery, Guarda and Spl├╝gen – a typical alpine village with lots of beautiful “Chalet”, the birthplace of Le Corbusier – La Chaux-de-Fonds, with its International Museum of watches, Afoltern and Emmental, which conducts the famous exhibition of cheese making Romon, or with his Swiss museum glass painting.

Each town has a unique charm and deserves special attention

Bern capital of Switzerland

Bern, capital of Switzerland, are typical of true fascination. Here is the federal government and the parliament. A well-preserved old town was listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. It is here, against the background of medieval buildings, is the largest in Europe covered shopping area.


The name of the resort translates as “situated between the lakes”. And indeed, on the one hand sparkling lake Thunersee, on the other hand shines mirror Brienzersee and accurately between them is Interlaken. Clean mountain streams, thundering waterfalls, clear rivers and deep lakes – all Interlaken. Excellent opportunities for surfing, water skiing, fishing and water walking. Interlaken is one of the most visited and popular mountain resorts in Switzerland. There is every opportunity for active recreation. Trails are suitable skiers of any level. Many restaurants, bars, discos and nightclubs.


Zurich is the largest city in the country and one of the most beautiful of cities. This is the business center of Switzerland and at the same time, the largest center for tourism. The historical part of town – Niederdorf – Gothic buildings and narrow streets, where there are small cafes, pastry and antique shops. Paradplats – Building XVIII-XIX centuries, with the old military parade ground, grandiose buildings and the Hotel Savoy was built in 1876, the bank Schweizerishe Kreditanstant. Niederdorf – Centre for pleasure and entertainment. In the evenings, there are the street musicians, a river flowing with beer and wine, are singing and dancing till midnight. Financial Center, Bahnhofstrasse, and the adjacent streets – ideal for a variety of shopping: from the products of leading companies in the world to rare and exotic things. Zurich is one of the leading centers of Europe in number and value of museums are here. Music and Theater Zurich also deserves attention.

Chillon Castle

At the distance of time walking from Montreux is one of the most famous castles in Europe – Chillon Castle, shook Byron and sung them in his poem “The Prisoner of Chillon Castle. The appearance of the castle, which towers majestically on a small rocky island, did not change with the middle of the XIII century. Caves and dungeons, knights hall and Justice still keep the spirit of the era against the Dukes of Savoy with the Protestants.

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