Ten Things To See And Do In Finland

Finland is found in the northern part of Europe and has for its neighbors Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Russia and is considered to be one of the largest countries found in Europe, ranking sixth among all European countries, but it is also one of the least populated. Most natives of the country speak their national language, Finnish, although a small minority also speak Swedish, and Helsinki is the capital of Finland. An important trivia for kids about Finland is that it is considered as the world’s Christmas capital because they say this is where Santa Claus truly lives, and they say that the Christmas spirit and celebration here is incomparable.

Ten Things To See And Do In Finland

Ten Things To See And Do In Finland

1) Museum

Finland’s Contemporary Art Museum in Kiasma is one of the most visited places in Helsinki because of its rich local and foreign collection of contemporary art. Its offerings on theatre programs include performance art, film, drama, and such. The architectural structure of the building is actually a bonus sight already.

2) Cathedral in the Square

The Helsinki Cathedral is a sight to behold. There are also the neighboring buildings like the Government Palace, the capital’s state university main building and Finland’s National Library for you to visit. The Square is actually more commonly referred to as the Senate Square.

3) Market Square

This famous square is lined up of several booths that offer different kinds of Finland’s native foods and food products, native crafts and mementos. This is especially a favorite destination of tourists especially those looking for a melting pot of food from different cultures. This is also a great place where you can buy your souvenirs.

4) Ice Park

Whether you’re there to go ice skating or to simply sit back and enjoy people watching, the Ice Park in Finland’s Railway Station Square is also a destination every visitor must see. There are cafes here to warm cold visitors. There are also thematic shows that will surely entertain every local and tourist.

5) Viapori-Sveaborg Fortress

This fortress in Suomenlinna is considered to be one of the largest fortresses around the globe today. Since it was founded back in 1748, the fortress has been a favorite destination spot for both locals and tourists. It was also listed by UNESCO as one of the World’s Heritage landmarks.

6) Santa Claus Village

This is the most magical place in the world! Everyday is Christmas here. This is also where Santa Claus gets to read all the letters children send him from across the globe.

7) Cemeteries on Christmas Eve

This is one of the most beloved traditions in the history of Finland where every night on Christmas Eve, people from across the country go to cemeteries to light candles for their beloved dead. This sentimental moment is a sight to behold. Because of this, this has become one of the events that a visitor should see in Finland.

8) Old Great Square

On Christmas Eve, too, in this old square found in Turku, Finland holds its traditional Peace Declaration at exactly a half hour before the clock strikes midnight. For visitors new to the area, this will surely be a good experience. So, whenever you are in Turku, do not forget the Old Great Square.

9) Ursa Observatory

Found at the highest peak of the Kaivopuisto Park, if you are in Helsinki this is a good place to visit as well. Here, you can have a relaxing stroll in the park amongst its greenery and nearby rock cliffs. This is a great way to spend a leisurely day with your loved one.

10) Design District

If you want to be in the heart of Finland’s artistic melting pot, the design district is for you. It is a collection of eclectic art, galleries, museums, antique and antiquated shops that you wouldn’t want to miss. You can also buy your souvenirs here.


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