The Problems Of Tourism In Albania

Although Albania up until recently was for most people an uncommon travel destination, the country at the moment is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. In 2010 tourism in Albania grew by 42%, the greatest increase in the world, and as Lonely Planet has recently stated “Albania is expected to be the number one destination to be visited in 2011”.

Indeed, Albania is a really beautiful country with many remarkable sights of great beauty and historical significance. Since there are so many different attractions, the area of the country you should visit depends on the type of traveller you are. If you are the type that likes sandy beaches and enjoys swimming in crystal clean waters you should definitely visit the Albanian Riviera. On the other hand if you belong to the group of tourists that enjoy mountains and hiking then you should by all means visit the Albanian Alp in Northern Albania. And finally if you are the kind of tourist that enjoys the comforts and luxuries of a big city you can visit Tirana the capital of the country with its vibrant nightlife which lacks nothing compared to the other big European capitals.

The Problems Of Tourism In Albania

The Problems Of Tourism In Albania

Despite the great development of tourism in Albania the country is still hampered by the problems of the past. The main problem that Albanian tourism faces is the lack of proper organization in most of its aspects. The infrastructure is not great either with bad roadways, many ownership and illegal construction issues as well as illegal waste disposal throughout the country. Most of these problems are tightly fought with many measurements and funding that comes either from the local government or private resources. However, most of these problems do not exist in the capital, Tirana, where things are considerably better organised.

Actually, the amenities provided in Tirana actually lack nothing compared to those of other big European cities and as far as comfort and accommodation is concerned the city offers the most alternatives in Albania with many hotels in Tirana offering services with very high standards. Additionally, you can benefit from the foreign currency exchange and you can even stay at the best Hotel in Tiranaat a very low price (price always compared to the services offered).

Either you choose to visit Tirana or any other place in Albania the whole experience will definitely leave you with many unforgettable memories.

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