Architectural Marvels For Boarders Of Kuwait Flights

Kuwait is an Arabian country situated near the Persian Gulf. It is the centre of oil and petroleum reserves and is amongst the top rated richest part of the world. In spite of the massive disaster after the Iraqi expedition the city is coming up and rejuvenating. Many travelers board flights to Kuwait to explore the architectural marvels of the region. The major structures of architectural importance include:

Architectural Marvels For Boarders Of Kuwait Flights

Architectural Marvels For Boarders Of Kuwait Flights

Kuwait Towers

It is the fusion of three towers having varied heights and importance, constructed in the same area. It is a famous tourist place with two main towers along with a mini tower. There are proper restaurants and dining arrangements in the premises. The community hall in the main tower is a famous place to hold several business and cultural events. The excellent view of the city can be grasped from the main towers whereas the other two towers are used for commercial purposes. The architectural marvels of the towers lure travelers to take flights to Kuwait.

Khamis Mosque

It is the foremost mosque of Bahrain bounded by couple of tall minarets which can be viewed from the adjacent areas. There is a controversy related to the construction of the structure which is believed to be an ancient Islamic one. The area is centered with a number of gravestones which have been beautifully carved. The marvelous architectural layout and the soothing atmosphere of the place make is a delight of the city. Visitors from round the corners of the world take cheap flights to Kuwait to cherish this exceptional piece of architecture.

Al Qurain Martyrs Museum

The area captures the memories of the war between the Iraqi army and the freedom fighters. Along with the memorials of the victims the remains of the battles have also be seen preserved. The disasters of the war depicting the destructed walls, stairs, windows and doors stun the visitors. The museum has been designed beautifully to preserve the artifacts of the war and creates a reflection of the disastrous event in the hearts and minds. Many book Kuwait flights to capture the rarest glimpse of human creations.

Kuwait National Museum

It is a popular destination for the tourists that include a planetarium and four buildings that have been amazingly designed. The wide collection of the Islamic art, the excavation of the Failaka Islands and the ruins of the pearl diving are the main attractions of the museum. There are numerous varieties of permanent exhibitions displayed in the three blocks whereas the fourth one is kept for official use and maintains an auditorium. Boarders of flights to Kuwait must not miss to visit this unforgettable place.

Failaka Island

This place is on the verge of new architectural set up soon. The government is coming up with new ventures to make the island a paradise with construction of a bridge connecting the city, a museum and several lodging and food facilities. Located to the north of the Persian Gulf, the island was massively destructed after the Gulf war and the leftovers of the war reflect the overcome of the battle. The changing climate with beautiful blooming flowers and the scenic beauty cast a magical spell on the visitors. They get the opportunities of a variety of water sports and activities like fishing, swimming and boating. Those planning to take cheap flights to Kuwait will surely love to visit this place.

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