Bahrain Travel Guide

We all know and visited many travel destination around the Europe and States. Is there any other location that is interesting, fun and exotic. Yes, you can visit Bahrain and enjoy holidays. OK, why visit Bahrain and what you can see there?

Bahrain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East with over four million tourists a year. Most of the visitors are from Arab states of the Persian Gulf but there is an crescendo number of tourists from outside the region thanks to an awareness of the Kingdom’s rich heritage.

Bahrain Travel Guide

Bahrain Travel Guide

Bahrain is an island located west of the mainland of Saudi Arabia. Jabal ad Dukhan is the highest point in Bahrain with hills up to 134 m (440 ft) above seafaring level. The Zagros hills in Iraq cause baritone level winds to be directed to the Bahrain Island. The dust bowls from Iraq and Saudi Arabia make dustlike dust particles easily transported by northwesterly winds which cause reduced visibility in the months of June and July.

All sports fans know Formula 1 Grand Prix. The island Grand Prix is an important annual event. The Lonely Planet guide describes island as “an superior introduction to the Gulf” because of its Arab heritage and estimation as relatively liberal and modern.

The Kingdom combines Arab culture, equal Gulf glitz and the archaeological legacy of five thousand years of civilization. The ancient civilization of Dilmun, which dominated trade between Mesopotamia and the constellation Valley Civilization, was centered in Bahrain. The inhabitants of Dilmun left behind settlements and temples and tens of thousands of burial mounds which dot the landscape. Interesting movement destination if you prepare your vacation.

Regarding weather conditions you can expect following. The summer is very hot since the Iranian Gulf waters wage baritone levels of moisture supply. Seas around Bahrain are very shallow, heat up quickly in the summer, and display high humidity, especially in the summer nights. In those periods, summer temperatures may reach about 35 °C (95 °F). Rainfall in Bahrain is minimal and irregular. Most rainfalls occur in the winter season, recorded maximum of 71.8 mm (2.83 in).

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