Enjoy a Florida Cruise and Stay Break

Florida is well known as one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Whether it’s for the children or adults, boys or girls, men or women, there has never been and never will be a lack of things to do. Theme parks full of fun and wonder, beaches for relaxing and soaking up the sun and endless, world famous shopping.

Florida Cruise and Stay’s are the best way to go and enjoy Florida as they offer the best of both worlds – a fantastic, relaxing cruise for the first week, five nights in Florida, allowing you to get a great sun tan, shop ’till you drop and enjoy the many theme parks and then jump back on the cruise home with your bags of shopping and relax for 2 days all the way home.

Enjoy a Florida Cruise and Stay Break

Enjoy a Florida Cruise and Stay Break

Often not showing a great difference in price to flying to Florida, cruising offers the ultimate way to travel. Food, soft drinks and entertainment all included on board, you can travel in style and luxury with the many restaurants on offer, cocktail bars and casinos. Alternatively tone up your Miami Beach body by spending time in the massive gyms, health spa’s and sports areas. Or simply sun yourself on the deck by the many swimming pools on offer. It definitely beats cramped leg room and dubious food onboard an airplane!

A lot of cruise lines are extremely flexible and ensure their customers have the best possible experience traveling. This means you can cruise to Florida and cruise back a few days later, cruise there and fly back (or vice versa) or simply cruise to Florida, stay as long as you wish and hop on the next cruise home!

For shoppers, a Cruise and Stay holiday is ideal! Shopping in Florida is world famous, as it offers some of the best designer brands at affordable prices. Not only that, as you’re sailing to and from Florida, on board most ships you have an increased baggage allowance of a massive 90kg – that’s 70kg more than you would if you were to fly to Florida!

If you’re not a lover of shopping, how about thrill seeking? Florida boasts a fantastic amount of theme parks. Disney World, which is split into four theme parks and two water parks, allows you to have your photograph taken with Mickey and Minnie Mouse whilst Universal Studios features rides and attractions taken from world famous films such as Jaws and Indiana Jones. Alternatively you can visit Busch Gardens and view the beautiful scenery, jump on one of the amazing rollercoaster’s or get up close with the extensive range of animals that live at the theme park. And these are to name just three!

A Florida cruise and stay holiday is definitely the best way to visit Florida. Travel in luxury to Florida, take in all there is to do and hop back on board on travel in style back. There’s no better way to see Florida than on a cruise and stay holiday.

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