Top 3 Family Kentucky Tourism Ideas

Have your friends chosen wherethey want to go on your summer vacation? You are not alone, most families have not yet decided where they want to go. It can be a quite time consuming activity to find that perfect vacation getaway, so explore the options for your Kentucky Tourism. You will discover various options and it certainly will not be an easy choice!

However, if you are thoughtful and appreciate the time to do some planning, it should make your summer vacation fun and one of those “family stories” that you will treasure forever. The most simple mistake people make is first selecting a “destination.” The perfect vacations begin when you first choose “what you want to do”! Do you want to go camping, tanning on a beach, playing and relaxing at a pool, or touring informational or historical attractions? By deciding “what you want to do” first, you are off to the best start of choosing that perfect family vacation destination!

Top 3 Family Kentucky Tourism Ideas

Top 3 Family Kentucky Tourism Ideas

Since you know “what you want to do” – you can sort through the various tourism destination areas and discover those perfect attractions that you hope to go see or do. By spending a short time planning, you can also find those destinations that have a number of attractions that are of interest to both you and your entire family. Online travel guides are invaluable that can help you choose detailed information about activities that are more comprehensive than a short attraction name and address. Once you know “what” you want to do and “where” you want to go, a real high quality online Kentucky travel guide will provide you a comprehensive article detailing each attraction to help you make an educated decision about what you want to do and where you want to go.

Here are three Kentucky vacation possibilities that you might want to consider:

Idea #1: On your next visit to Louisville, Kentucky, spend a day at the Speed Art Museum. This is a huge art museum with an expansive collection of more than 12,000 pieces of artwork. The Speed Art Museum displays items from its own collection as well as hosting temporary exhibits featuring art from other museums around the world.

Idea #2: The Rich Family History of Mefford’s Fort in Maysville, Kentucky. Mefford’s Fort is so named after the family that built and inhabited the flatboat log cabin beginning in 1787. Completely authentic and original, the floor of the cabin is constructed of timbers from the flatboard boat that first brought the Meffords to Kentucky. Thirteen children were reared in the home, considered to be one of the most important historical sights in all of Kentucky.

Idea #3: The Bluegrass Motorcycle Museum of Hartford, Kentucky. When visitors come to Hartford, a short day trip is in demand to see the treasures of the Bluegrass Motorcycle Museum. Owned and operated by Jack Embry and his wife Nancy, the displays boast over 20 vintage, American made motorcycles, and 30 years’ worth of motorcycle memorabilia. Even before the museum was opened in the mid-90s, Mr. Embry’s passion for restoring antique motorcycles drew onlookers from near and far.

As you have discovered, you have a wide choice of alternatives available to your family when it is time to select that ideal family vacation escape. Take advantage of your chance to plan carefully what you want to do and where you want to go. Use a professional travel guide to help you discover those perfect Kentucky attractions. And you will know that you will experience a family vacation with a lifetime of memories.

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