Bay Of Islands New Zealand Travel

If you want to go on New Zealand tours where you wish to reach the edge of the world with playful dolphins leaping out of the crystal waves as you sail past the tropical waters, Bay of Islands is the right destination for you. Step on a ready-to-go jetty and take a look at the golden white sand covering the bay, extending out to the sparkling waters of the South Pacific Ocean. Put all worries out of your mind as you land into the paradise on earth. There are many New Zealand tours available to the Bay of Islands and whichever you may choose- you will simply be spellbound. This is a place where people want to return again and again.

Bay Of Islands New Zealand Travel

Bay Of Islands New Zealand Travel

The dolphins at the bay love playing with swimmers as they get near these sociable creatures.

On New Zealand tours, there are activities like sailing, fishing, or taking a flight around the place. If it’s adventure tourism you seek, you will get everything from surfing to discovering dolphins. And if you just want some quiet and peaceful time, there are many museums and libraries in the area. The place consists of about 150 islands, out of which many are relatively unexplored. And the marine life around these islands, especially near Poor Knights islands, is diverse and abundant with killer whales and manta rays.

If you want to dive into the sparkling fresh waters, there are more than 100 diving sites, with rocky coastlines and coral- not to mention the wrecks that you can explore. There are other fun activities like game fishing, where you will observe Snapper, Kingfisher and Marlin. And if fishing and diving do not interest you, just go for a sailing trip using a canoe or a yacht. You can even take a sailboat and go around the islands. The list of fun activities around the Bay of Islands does not end here. Many bird enthusiasts come here to watch grey warblers, blue penguins, pukeko, tui and the endangered dotterel.

New Zealand tours always offer the best of fun activities for the entire family. If you are a golf enthusiast, take a break at Waitangi and go for a relaxing game of golf while playing in the spectacular views of Pacific. There can be nothing better than playing a good shot during the sunset at Waitangi. And in the end, your New Zealand tours will be full of culinary surprises as you visit the excellent restaurants in this area. Get ready for warm hospitality and delicious gourmet cooking. This will be one tour you would never forget. New Zealand tours have something to offer to everyone.

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