Interesting New Zealand Travel Advice For All

New Zealand, land of long white cloud, is among the most serene places one may find in entire world. Its stunning countryside, gorgeous mountains and enchanting beaches mesmerize everyone coming here. Among other things, it is also popular for the health spas and hot pools. This New Zealand travel advice takes a look over this interesting aspect of this immensely beautiful nation.

Most of the hot pools and natural geysers here are found in Rotorua. It is located nearby Auckland and can be reached from there in a couple of hours by driving. One may find quite a lot of attractions here which happen to spellbound visitors. The natural geysers found here in plenty are almost unique to this piece of land. It is situated over a geothermal hot spot, which means presence of lot of underground volcanic activity. This essentially results in formation of natural geysers and hot pools in which water comes out with force. One may even find mud boiling in trenches which may even spew out quite periodically. There are numerous natural parks situated here where such natural geysers can be seen in action.

Interesting New Zealand Travel Advice For All

Interesting New Zealand Travel Advice For All

There is no dearth of splendid places in this region. Waimangu Volcanic Valley, Government Gardens, Sulphur Bay and Whakarewarewa Thermal Village are only some of such places. While watching natural geysers and volcanic activity is a common activity, biking tours, hiking etc too are popular. There are a couple of must visit places in Rotorua. The Government Gardens is certainly placed pretty high in list of such places. This is a quaint place, with a serene garden and golf course. Sulphur Bay, a nearby walkway, is another popular place. One may find numerous naturally occurring geysers and hot water springs here.

Visitors may find quite a lot in store in Rotorua for watching volcanic activity. Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, Whakarewarewa Thermal Village, Te Puia and Rainbow Springs Nature Park vie for attention of tourists. A couple of these places offer a peek into Maori lifestyle as well. Most of these places charge a fee, but some places are available for visit for free as well. Tourists can be seen having a good time with biking tours, hiking and helicopter rides. Quite interestingly, California Redwoods forest plays host to numerous biking competitions. There is a well laid biking track in this region. A number of health spas are also located in this region, which cater to individuals, groups and families.

One may enjoy a host of activities here. The major facilities provided by spas here include refreshing and relaxing massage, hydro therapies and mineral pools. Owing to huge rush of visitors, numerous individuals and groups tend to miss out on enjoying health spas. It is thus, pretty important to have a prior booking. No one can ill afford to miss out on visiting God’s own country. There is a whole lot on offer for the visitors including hot pools and world renowned natural geysers. Take cognizance of all points mentioned in this New Zealand travel advice and have a mind-blowing tour.

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