Top 5 Places To Visit By Campervan In Tasmania

Tasmania is one of the more beautiful areas of Australia. With a diverse landscape, Tasmania will delight tourists who are seasoned world travelers or novice travelers. Traveling through Tasmania by campervan will enable you to have flexibility and independence in your travels. However, seeing Tasmania by campervan will also enable you to see Tasmania at its best. You can go to the places you find most interesting while enjoying the best that Tasmania has to offer.

Top 5 Places To Visit By Campervan In Tasmania

Top 5 Places To Visit By Campervan In Tasmania


Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, is an exciting place to see via campervan. Known as the “Apple Isle,” Hobart has many areas of interest such as Battery Point, Mount Wellington and Port Arthur. Battery Point has churches, old mansions, fantastic seafood, a Chocolate factory and a weekly Saturday market at Salamanca Place. Mount Wellington, is a 1270m high mountain with spectacular views over Hobart and surrounds. The road up is windy but easily driveable. Port Arthur, a major historic site, has ruins of an old convict settlement, a museum, gardens, old period houses and an old church.


The historic city of Stanley lies at the base of a rocky volcanic area called “The Nut,” and is well-known for the huge number of penguins and seals in the area. In particular, Fisherman’s Dock is a place where a wonderful variety of sea animals can be found. With white sands and clear water, Stanley is a popular place for swimming and fishing. Those seeking good beaches can head for Godfrey’s Beach or Tatlow’s Beach.

Huon Valley

If you are wanting to see magnificent scenery and coastal villages, you will love the Huon Valley area of Tasmania. Located south of Hobart, the Huon Valley area has many attractions. For example, there is Bruny Island or Storm Bay. Also, there are waterways and vineyards along the road that you see as you drive towards the D’Entrecasteau Channel. There is also the Hartz Mountains National Park which is located not far from Geeveston.

Coles Bay

The town of Coles Bay is very popular with tourists. With the perpetual sunshine and endless places to swim and have picnics, Coles Bay is located in eastern Tasmania. Wineglass Bay, one of the finest beaches in Tasmania, is located very near to Coles Bay. Also, for sports enthusiasts, there are plenty of places to windsurf, go rock climbing or go sailing. Of course, if you’re wanting to just go for a nice stroll, there are scenic places for you to do that as well. Also, there happen to be a lot of Tasmanian Devils in Coles Bay. So, those who want to get a look at Tasmanian Devils will definitely find an abundance of them here.


Launceston, a place full of historic buildings, is a wonderful place to see when you hire a campervan in Australia. Of course, in addition to the historic buildings there is world class shopping, world class dining, museums, cruises and world class fishing in Launceston Lakes. One thing you should not neglect seeing is the stunning Cataract Gorge, 15 minutes from the centre of town with views high above the Tamar River. Also, for wine enthusiasts, there are the Tamar Valley Vineyards.

No matter what you are looking for as a tourist, Tasmania has it. Historic sites, good seafood, world class shopping, fishing, beaches, vineyards, sports and many other things can be found in Tasmania. In fact, visiting Tasmania just once probably will not be enough because there is just so much to see in that one trip, but travelling by campervan will definitely help you to see more of Tasmania.

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