Finding Good Ecuador Travel Advice

Ecuador travel advice is fortunately easy to get online, because it would be a pity to visit this fascinating country without advance planning. There are different ecosystems with unique features, as well as all sorts of sights to see and memorable places to go.

Even a single discipline will require study to set the best goal. Mountain climbers of all skill levels can choose routes along a mountain with sublime views or along a volcano, active or extinct. Mountain bikers can decide if views are more important than encountering a mind-blowing variety of birds or catching a glimpse of a jaguar. Hikers can choose to follow a jungle path to an ancient ruin or descend into a crater to see the rich crop plantations hidden inside.

Finding Good Ecuador Travel Advice

Finding Good Ecuador Travel Advice

You can hire a horse – calm or spirited – to get the real flavor of the high grasslands or to follow a guide along designated paths in the Galapagos islands, home to some of the most unique animals in the world. You may want to spend time on the beaches, where you will see whales and dolphins playing, or take a charter boat to get up close and personal with the protected sea mammals. You might choose to walk only as far from your comfortable hotel as the nearest thermal bath, fed by a hot or cold spring with healing mineral waters.

Knowing which time of year to visit and what the temperature is likely to be will help you pack. Those who are not prepared may find their jackets too warm or too light, their boots not waterproof enough, their plans for essential water and food supplies unsuitable. However, all this information can be found online, either on official sites or on those of tour companies eager to help.

Most of this country is best seen with a professional guide. Tours may be arranged in advance, and the tour companies can guide your choice of clothing. Whale watching, bird watching, scuba diving, hiking to ruins or from tiny village to tiny village can be safer and more enjoyable with a professional guide. In the Galapagos Islands, a guide is required for all visitors, even though there are designated walking paths and diving areas.

Whether you want safe rafting or whitewater thrills, an urban market experience or to see the native culture in real village streets, find whales on the surface or watch the ocean floor while snorkeling or scuba diving, or see the sunrise out of a tour bus window, you can do it in Ecuador. Good advice will tell you that your binoculars and cameras should be water-resistant, your bug spray both effective and in good supply, and your safety equipment either brought from home or professionally guaranteed in a way that satisfies you.

Whether you want to see the sights from the back of a horse, from a mountain peak you reached with both skill and effort, from the decks of a boat or the windows of a bus, advance planning can make everything safer and more enjoyable. Knowing in advance that you should pack your mountain bike or horse riding helmet, or take a few scuba diving lessons, or read up on the mating habits of whales and waterfowl can bring things into focus.

Not only is Ecuador travel advice important for safety and for getting you the most out of your vacation, it is also fun to read about online. There are great pictures and interactive menus that will make you want to visit this country even if you never expected to go to the Equator to find the vacation of your dreams.

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