Indigenous People Of Peru

Peru is an ancient country formed by centuries of mixing and overlapping influences from different areas. Many civilizations have inhabited and contributed to the formation of Peru as it is today, making it a fantastic country with a dynamic country. As of today, many indigenous people remain in Peru, which have survived centuries of conquest and managed to maintain their traditions despite domination, whether by the glorious Inca regime or by the later Spanish colonization.

The first populations arrived on the Peruvian territory over 20,000 years ago. Indigenous people in Peru comprise a large number of ethnic groups that inhabited the country prior to colonization by the Europeans. They represent about 45% of the total Peruvian population. These different native people had various cultures and lifestyles according to their place of residence.

Indigenous People Of Peru

Indigenous People Of Peru

In the Amazon Basin, indigenous people were mostly semi-nomadic, subsisting on hunting, fishing and migrant agriculture. Indigenous people living in the Andes and West of the country were submitted to the Inca regime, and many died following the Spanish conquest. Survivors are generally assimilated to the mestizo (mixed) Peruvian population, and have drastically changed their way of life, adhering to the mainstream Peruvian culture. Only a few tribes, mostly in the Amazon, still live isolated from the rest of the world and try to retain their traditional ways despite the pressures of the modern world.

About 6 million Quechua and Aymara people, the two main native groups, remain in Peru. In addition, about 50 tribes, each boasting their own language, still live in the Amazon. Whereas the Andean native people were assimilated in the colonial system, Amazonian populations were never conquered which explains why so many of them managed to retain their culture until now. Some of them have even obtained some parts of their historic territories from the Peruvian government.

During your Peru travel adventure, you are likely to encounter native locals that still live and abide by the ancient traditions of their culture. Observing their basic and ritualized way of life is a unique and awe-inspiring experience.

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