Relax On Peru’s Best Beaches

Peru is mostly known among travelers for its fascinating history and archeological wonders. Indeed, it is home to many archeological splendors dating back to pre-Colombian times as well as impressive remnants of the famous Inca Empire, including New World Wonder Machu Picchu. However, very few know about some of Peru’s marvelous natural wonders, which include its many beaches along the Pacific coast. If you are looking for beach scenes and relaxation rather than history and ruins, don’t worry, Peru is also for you.

Relax On Peru's Best Beaches

Relax On Peru's Best Beaches

Although most travelers tend to forego Lima in favor of other more exotic destinations, the capital of Peru and its surroundings have a lot to offer and should not be neglected so easily. The modern district of Lima, Miraflores, as well as its trendy, bohemian quarter, Barranco, are both built on the cliff alongside the coast, and boast spectacular views. From Larcomar, Lima’s most modern shopping mall directly standing on the cliff, you can admire the beach and beautiful views. And if you’d like a really close up experience, you can walk down to the beach (about 20 minutes) or take a taxi, and take a stroll on the seaside. You’ll see crowds of surfers and sunbathers on clear, warm days.

If you have some time for a beach day-trip out of Lima, just hop into a combi (bus) heading south and stop at one of the beaches on the way, along the Panamericana highway. Among the most attractive beaches are El Silencio, Señoritas, and Caballeros, which are all connected, A little further south, you’ll stumble across Asia beach, one of the most sought after spot by all party-goers. Every weekend during the summer months, you are assured to find the beach packed with crowds of Limeños looking for sun and a good time.

Of course, Lima is only one of the many places where you can enjoy the beach in Peru. Travel to the north of the country and you’ll encounter some really splendid beaches, some of them enjoying amazing waves for the surfers among you, or simply beautiful nature for the others. In the far north, about 50 km from Tumbes, Peru’s northernmost city, you’ll find Punta Sol, Las Pocitas, and several other, which are some of the best beaches in the country, and a gathering point for all travelers seeking sea, sun and party scenes. Located nearby the quaint fishing town of Mancora, these beaches boast white sand and excellent waves. Mancora is a renowned spot for surfers, with the best waves between November and February.

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