Why To Select Ecuador As Your Next Holiday Destination

Ecuador Travel offers you the most fascinating insights of this wonderful country. Learn more about those places that attract travelers to Ecuador and do plan your visit accordingly. There is something for each traveler here so read to learn more.

Today, when someone plans for a vacation he or she usually look for places that offer them everything that they may wonder. Ecuador is one place on earth that brings you a perfect holidaying experience. The country’s natural diversity and the fun associated with it make this place the best selection for your next holiday. It is one place where you will never feel bored as it includes a lot to explore.

Why To Select Ecuador As Your Next Holiday Destination

Why To Select Ecuador As Your Next Holiday Destination

The Republic of Ecuador is ranked amongst the smallest nations in South America, but the major attractions for which it is known to the world wide visitors is really astounding. The thrilling Amazon Basin, the drenched tropical forests, the charming Pacific Coast, the unique Galapagos Islands, the historical cities of Quito and Cuenca is all that makes Ecuador worth a visit.

Ecuador Travel offers information on featured Ecuador tours open for visitors from all over the world. Tours those are unusual and exciting offering you the true experience of knowing about the culture, heritage, food, drinks, and adventure that the land of Ecuador is known for. So you will come to know what kind of journey waits for you.

Coffee Tour:

Operated for all coffee lovers coming to the beautiful city of Quito, this tour will offer you a new experience of some warm pleasures. These kinds of tours are generally half day tour making you discover and learn about the coffee origins. You will come to know about the growing areas, characteristics, main varieties and types of this exotic drink throughout the world and within the country of Ecuador.

In addition, you get to learn some of the coffee recipes and special preparations with tips on what to look for when you go out to buy some new coffee. You will also be taken for a visit to some of the coffee plantations, special projects and other manufacturing units. At times, these visits may take a whole day hike throughout the spectacular countryside. This is must tour for all the coffee enthusiasts. Moreover, coffee tour can be an interesting one for foreign visitors and can extend to 5 or 6 days.

Chocolate Tour:

If you love chocolates and want to go out for an unusual yet exciting journey then select chocolate tour in Ecuador. It is where you can roast, pick, process and grind chocolates and taste results. It’s a life time opportunity so make the most out of it.

Culinary Travel or gastronomic tours to Ecuador:

Ecuadorian cuisine includes a variety of special dishes. Apart from varieties of staple foods from Amazon lowlands, Coast and Highland, it also includes a fine influence of North American, European and Spanish tastes. Some of the common dishes in this country are Seco de Pollo (cooked chicken garnished with avocado fruit served with rice), Seco de Chivo (spicy goat meat served with dry rice), Lomo a la Plancha, Churrasco, Menestra, Locro, Hornado, Fritada, Trucha and others.

Garden Tours:

Gardening Tours are common in Ecuador. Organized by different tour operators, these tours show you gardens that inspire and educate. The varied terrain and tropical climate makes Ecuador one of the 17 countries to be classified as one of the most mega diverse countries in respect of biodiversity. There are about 25,000 plant species that have been catalogued over time. Garden tours to the Galapagos Islands offer you the chance of experiencing the truly diverse species of plants. However, flower plantations form to be the central interest for most garden tourists.

Overland tours:

South American overland tours bring you the true essence of the life of Ecuador. To get the taste of the outdoor adventure, book your overland tour operator and get an action packed touring experience. These tours include a combination of hotels and camping. These are mainly participation tours where you will get to involve in a lot of activities each day from cooking, cleaning and setting up of the camp etc.

4×4 tour:

The Ecuador 4×4 tours refer to the 4 wheel adventure tours. The country offers you thousand kilometers of adventure tracks and roads in the Pacific lowlands (coast), Andean Highland and the Amazon rain forest and jungles for travelers. So don’t miss the opportunity to explore adventure Ecuador with the 4×4 tours.

Accommodation Ecuador:

With the increasing number of tourists each year, Ecuador has come up with some of the best accommodation facilities to meet the basic needs of their visitors. You will find Ecuador hotels and accommodation services ranging from hostels, inns, eco lodges, resorts, B&Bs, haciendas and much more located all over the country. For newly wedded couples, there are honeymoon hotels that offer honey moon packages of all kinds to meet their budget requirements.

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